Silver & Steel


Project Two: Lifting Top Punishment Bench

A very neat trick for a flogging bench is to be able to lift up one end to position your sub with tail higher than head. This looks and feels delightfully vulnerable and exposed. Best of all is to be able to do it with the sub in position.

For this, we'll start with one made from a simple table, because it has the depth to hide the works.

The other materials you'll need are a couple of old door hinges, some scrap wood and corner blocks, and an old car jack of the kind you can pick up for a few pounds on a tool stall or at your local garage. This jack opens at one end, so it's ideal to lift one end of the bench top: if you find a different type, you'll have to adapt the design to fit.

Take off the top, then fasten it back on again at one end with a pair of hinges so that it can flip up.

Turn it over and lay the jack upside down on the lifting end, and support it with a bar held in place with plenty of corner blocks and big screws. You may have to trim bits off the foot and the top of the jack to fit it into the space.

I left the handle underneath, which is a little awkward to operate but makes the bench look neater when not in use. To make it more convenient to work, you could replace the handle with a length of steel rod the same thickness, bring it out through a drill hole at the end and bend it into a crank handle.

Have fun!