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Long Term Gag

A wholly modern update of the classic Branks or "Scold's-Bridle", designed to be safely worn for hours or even days. The rubber pear-shaped gag, sized to fill the mouth without overstraining the jaw hinge, is pierced by a stainless steel tube which projects beyond the vinyl padded mouth cover. The tube permits breathing even if the nose blocks, allows the wearer to suck up water or even liquid food, and in the worst case can even allow vomit to escape to prevent choking: what it won't allow is speech or even loud cries. Control can't get much more complete. Stainless steel. Measure: around head at mouth height, from front to back over head beside nose. (Some range of adjustment included.) Now also available with vinyl penis-shaped gag, forcing the wearer to suck on a cock for food or drink.
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