Chastity belts

Frustration and humiliation for men and women

B13. "Shield" chastity belt:

B13. "Shield" chastity belt Shaped steel shield, hinged for a snug fit with ventilation and sanitary openings. Covers pubic mount as well as vulva and anus to prevent not only penetration but any sexual relief. Secured by steel straps and waist belt with rings for your own padlock.
Measure: waist, undercrotch, front of waist to clitoris and vaginal opening, back of waist to anus. Stainless steel only. £95

B14: "Jockstrap" chastity belt.

B14:  "Jockstrap" chastity belt. (Click on the thumbnail for detailed photographs)
A 3/4 round cage of steel bars contains the penis, closed at the back by the scrotum for safety with security, secured by steel straps and waist belt with rings for your own padlock. Suitable for long term wear, the open design allows not only excretion but washing and drying under all parts, while making erection impossible.
Measure: waist, undercrotch, front of waist to base of penis, approx. length and girth of flaccid penis. Stainless steel only: £175


B15: "Mantrap" beltless male chastity device. The cage of the B14 without the belt and straps, secured by bars that lock behind the scrotum. More convenient but less secure for long term unsupervised wear, best worn with underpants to support the weight. Stainless steel only: £95


B17: "Manhandler" male controller

B17:  Manhandler.

A unique male restraint, designed as a leading and tethering fetter, not a chastity device (though the rings can be fitted with spikes to act as an advanced version of the "Kali's Teeth" device). All three rings open and lock closed, ensuring that it can fit as tightly as required with no risk of getting stuck. Stainless steel only.
Measure: base of penis (at least semi-erect), top of scrotum (gathered tight), genital root.

Padlocking: 75