Silence in the dungeon

B19 Branks.

The medieval "Scold's Bridle", with two hinged sections that lock over and around the head to hold a gag in place: also serves as a devastatingly effective tethering restraint using the D-ring on the top of the head or in front of the mouth.

Available with rubber pear gag as standard, other gags - from the historically original spiked steel tab or spiked wheel, to a rubber penis - to order for the same price. Interchangeable gags supplied for a small extra charge.

Padlock fastening only. Painted steel or "antique finish" (hammered and fire-darkened). Measure: around and over head: supplied with small range of adjustment. £120.


B19A Heavy Branks.

An extra strap from side to side makes this version even more intimidating.

Available with rubber covered tab as standard, other gags to order. Padlock fastening only.

Painted steel or "antique finish" (hammered and fire-darkened). Measure: around head and over in both directions: supplied with small range of adjustment. £130.


B20: Long Term Gag

A wholly modern update of the classic Branks or "Scold's-Bridle", designed to be safely worn for hours or even days.

The rubber gag plug, sized to fill the mouth without overstraining the jaw hinge, is pierced by a 10mm stainless steel tube which projects beyond the vinyl padded steel mouth cover.

The tube permits breathing even if the nose blocks, allows the wearer to suck up water or even liquid food, and in the worst case can even allow vomit to escape to prevent choking: what it won't allow is speech or even loud cries. Control can't get much more complete. Stainless steel.

This device can be fitted with a pear-shaped plug, or a realistic penis-shaped one so that the wearer has to suck on a cock for food or drink.

Measure: around head at mouth height, from front to back over head beside nose. (Some range of adjustment included.) £115

With tubed rubber pear: £115

With tubed vinyl penis plug: £115

B21: Basic Locking Gag

Steel strap gag

Steel mouth cover, vinyl padded inside, on padlocking steel strap with some range of adjustment. With rubber pear, tubed plug or penis gag.

With rubber pear plug: £50

With tubed rubber pear (Long Term Gag style): £75

With vinyl penis plug: £50

With tubed vinyl penis plug: £75

B22: Tube gag

Tube gag Tube gag

Some ring gags fit discreetly between the teeth. This one is meant to be brutally obtrusive, keeping everyone aware of the wearer's helpless degradation. Stainless steel, with adjustable padlocking strap and rubber covered tube on swivel mounts. £75

B23: Mouth opener

Mouth opener Rubber lined steel flanges engage the upper and lower front teeth (and incidentally provide a smooth surface over them); two screws force them irresistibly apart till the mouth gapes helplessly wide and unobstructed. £65