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Dungeon Furniture

These are devices I designed and built for my own dungeon, tried and tested in many hours of actual use with a wide range of subjects. (Beater testing?) They are built of welded tubular steel for a long life of serious use, but can be quickly dismantled and stored in a relatively small space for those with no room for a permanently set-up dungeon.

The standard finish is black Hammerite and black vinyl, but any other finish is possible if you can get away from the conventional Gothic image! (My home models, as shown, feature red alligator vinyl cushions for a splash of colour.) Click on the small images for larger more detailed pictures. I reserve the right to vary any details of the design as I learn better ways to do it.

Unfortunately, due to the considerable weight and size of these items I cannot simply absorb the shipping cost, so the prices shown only cover shipping within the UK. Ask for details of overseas shipping costs.

DF1: Rack. Traditionally built with fixed ankle straps and wrist chains on pawl-and-ratchet winch, but with vinyl cushions to meet the standards of 21st Century consensual torture. Now redesigned with added discretion! 245

DF2: Pillory. The pride of the range, a really efficient piece of restraint engineering. The padded neck and wrist clamps snap on in seconds but will stand any amount of struggling. The whole head end can be set to the most convenient height. The adjustable hip rail likewise supports the south end where you want it, and the open structure leaves nothing inaccessible. Better still, the whole thing can be taken down by undoing a couple of turnscrews and stored flat enough to go under the bed. 200

DF3: Bender Stand. Simple yet effective, allowing of such imaginatively cruel positions as this one inspired by the great John Willie. Can be quickly dismantled and stored flat in a surprisingly small space. 70