Hand made penannulars

Available in a wide range of sizes and designs, tell me what you want and I'll do my best to make it! Every piece is hand shaped and forged from tough bronze and decorated with hand stamping so no two are ever alike. I make them from tiny (2 cm) to massive (10 cm). The thickness of the pin depends on the density of the cloth you plan to put it though, the weight it has to hold and what looks right in proportion to the ring. Pins can be fine (about 1 mm, suitable for ornamental pieces on modern clothing); thin (about 1.5mm, suitable for pinning a dress); medium (about 2mm, suitable for a light to medium cloak); or thick (about 3mm, for a really heavy cloak). If you have specifications for the design, please enter them in the "Notes" box of the Paypal page at checkout.

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